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Kinh nghiệm chơi tài xỉu casino-có nên chơi casino trực tuyến



Step 1: Prepare for draw; check on in charge persons, light system, stage props, transmission line of recording and live broadcasting devices

Step 2: Check the seal on draw equipment, weight and measure draw balls

Step 3: Install and check on draw equipment

Step 4: Random-pick persons who selects set of draw balls and person who initiates the draw


Step 1: Randome-pick the set of draw balls

Step 2: The Board of supervisers check, confirm seal validity and cut the seal of ball case

Step 3: Put the balls into the chamber one by one and carry-out trial draw

Step 4: Carry-out official draw

Step 5: Announce the draw result


Step 1: Collect all balls from the chamber and put into the ball case. Lock and seal the ball case

Step 2: Detach the ball chamber, put draw equipment and ball cases back to the storeroom

Step 3: Close and lock the storeroom, activate alert system, seal and record into seal-notebook


The whole draw procedure is supervised by the delegates from the Department of Banking & Financial Institutions – under the Ministry of Finance (MOF), MOF inspectors, Legal Department – MOF, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Live draw is broadcasted on VTC3, www.vietlott.vn.

You can find draw results at POS, on www.vietlott.vn, by calling 1900.55.88.89 or by texting Mega to 8179, 9141, 8351, 8130, 9939.

Kinh nghiệm chơi tài xỉu casino-có nên chơi casino trực tuyến